Jean Guy



1-Feelings: Happy 63%, Euphoric 58%, Uplifted 58%, Energetic 45%, Creative 44%.

2-Helps with: Stress 40%, Pain 27%, Anxiety 25%, Depression 24%, Fatigue 17%.


Jean Guy Strain For Sale


Jean Guy, said to be a phenotype of White Widow, is a hybrid from Canada with intensely cerebral effects and a sour citrus smell. Frosted dark green leaves hide pastel buds loaded with golden crystal trichomes. Hints of lemon and pine come through in Jean Guy’s flavor, providing a gentle launch into jolting sativa effects. Its energizing and uplifting qualities makes Jean Guy a perfect strain to start the day with, although scattered and distracting thoughts may interfere with productivity. the strain is a reputable source of relief for fibromyalgia and cancer symptoms, but patients prone to anxiety may want to dose with caution due to its typically high THC content. buy jetski online here



Jean Guy

Cannabinoid THC 17%CBG 1% THC 17%CBG 1% THC 18%CBG 1% THC 19%CBD — THC 20%CBG 1%

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