Agent Orange


12–16% THC

1-Feelings: Happy 63%, Uplifted 55%, Relaxed 44%, Energetic 43%, Euphoric 42%.

2-Helps with: Stress 37%, Anxiety 29%, Depression 28%, Pain 22%, Fatigue 14%.



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Don’t let the name scare you! A well-balanced hybrid combining the smooth Orange Velvet with the bold Jack the Ripper, Agent Orange by MzJill Genetics will capture your senses. Wonderful smells of oranges and fresh-cut citrus will immediately entice you, while the pigments of deep maroon and purple will make its buds stand out in a sea of green. The effects are often uplifting and motivating, serving as a great mood enhancer if you are feeling lethargic or depressed. buy weed online here


Cannabinoid THC 15%CBD — THC 15%CBG 1% THC 15%CBD — THC 16%CBG 1% THC 16%CBG 1%

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