9 Pound Hammer Strain

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16–20% THC

1-Feelings: Relaxed 71%, Sleepy 51%, Happy 36%, Euphoric 34%, Hungry 21%

2-Helps with: Pain 32%, Stress 31%, Insomnia 28%, Anxiety 23%, Depression 22%


9 Pound Hammer Marijuana Strain


9 Pound Hammer Strain is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created as a potent cross between the infamous Goo Berry X Hells OG X Jack the Ripper strains. This dank bud boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges from 18-23% on average, leaving you with the feeling that you were hit over the head with a hammer! Users describe the 9 Pound Hammer high as having an immediate onset of a happy, euphoric and uplifted cerebral head high that is stimulating and pain relieving. This is followed by a slow drift into couch-locked sedation that leaves you completely relaxed in both mind and body with an overwhelming sense of sleepiness. As the high fades, you’ll be eased into a deep and peaceful sleep. Due to these potent effects, 9 Pound Hammer is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain due to injury or illness, stress, insomnia, and eye pressure. 9 Pound Hammer has a sweet grape aroma with a hint of earth and a taste of sweet berry lime that intensifies as you exhale. This dank bud has bright neon green grape-shaped nugs with dark forest green undertones and a fine layer of trichomes.

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6 reviews for 9 Pound Hammer Strain

  1. mooki

    Cheah dude these buds are freaking potent. 5 thumbs up.

  2. baker

    Easy to grow. One of the frostiest strains ever. My cut grows tall and finishes in 6 weeks, amazingly fast. The buds are tight resin rocks. Should make fantastic, early outdoor.

  3. Benxx

    Great strain for pain,and stress. It helps lessen the chance of siezures.

  4. susan

    I get migraines once or twice a week. Real ones not just headaches. I was having a migraine that had me puking on the bathroom floor in the dark. I had my roommate load a bowl for me (it was his first time doing that lol). It took under 30 seconds after my first hit to COMPLETELY rid me of my migraine. I was in total awe of how quickly it worked and how good I felt! Normally a migraine sets me out for a few days. The RX meds only make me sleepy and sad. I am so in love with 9 Pound Hammer that I’ve decided to try growing it. Seriously, this is great for pain relief, anxiety…and t makes you a little frisky too!!

  5. zuma

    Nice body high…I also found it to be energetic also.very nice.

  6. henrxx

    This strain lives up to it’s name! Have a rough week? Feeling the need for a stiff drink? Why pollute yourself with alcohol when a good ol’ blunt of this bad boy will have you feeling just right and ready to hit the reset button.

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